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Focus I.T. Healthcare Solutions specialise in providing support for the Healthcare industry. We deliver on our commitments, always with a keen eye on tomorrow’s possibilities.  Working with you to build a strong business relationship.


We have over 25 years in the I.T. industry and 20 years providing I.T. services to Practices.


We live in a world where employees and their data need to be available at any time. “Unavailable” translates to “unproductive, inefficient, and lost customer confidence. Focus I.T. Managed Support Services are designed to keep our clients and their systems up and running so they can focus on Business.


Our Managed Support Services programs are based on the industry’s best practices for enterprises. Focus I.T. has almost two decades of successful partnering with small-to mid-sized businesses like yours, delivering the resources needed to maximize network security, availability, and performance. Our proactive approach to network management enables you to predict and prevent outages, ensuring your business infrastructure is up and running and protected, and that it remains that way.


Remote and onsite support enables us to respond quickly and intelligently to evolving service requests. Technology advancements without the additional cost of expanding I.T. headcount.


Our onsite engineers allow Practice managers to remain focused on core responsibilities while delivering cost-effective solutions. Services you need including complete device management solutions, hardware and device management, installation, procurement, staging and configuration and delivery and integration.


Areas we specialise in:


# Local & Cloud Hosted Server Management           # Desktop Management

# Network Management                                             # I.T. Security Management

# I.T. Backup Management                                        # Phone Support

# Cost Analysis savings                                             # Privacy and Security Analysis

# RACGP Accreditation                                             # eHealth Compliance

# I.T. Documents to meet accreditation



Focus I.T. Healthcare prevents downtime and secures corporate data across your entire network. Our scheduled maintenance, upgrades, and proactive server analysis prevent the interruptions that can be so costly to business operations.


Engineers respond to critical alerts around the clock and minimize impact on productivity. Direct system patching and updates for PCs ensure ongoing optimal performance.




Clients enjoy greater efficiency through the program’s asset management features which include inventory management, system visibility, responsive staff support, malware protection for reduced risk of downtime, anti-virus reporting, and 24x7 employee access to technical support.


Focus I.T. Healthcare ensures prompt response when experiencing a technical issue.













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